My Birth Story: Reign Michael South

Since it is my son’s first birthday today I thought it would be a good idea reminise on Reign’s birth while eating cake. So here is my birth story of how my baby exited my uterus.

I’ve had enough of pregnancy by 34 weeks so started the usual tricks of the trade, 6x dates a day, pineapple core, evening primrose tablets, red raspberry leaf tea to make my cervix ripe so everything hurried the fuck up. I felt like a whale and could barely breath at this point, I dont know how people carry twins because fuck me I feel like I was dying, I did not enjoy pregnancy at all (at this stage I was crying on the daily)

At 38 weeks I went into my midwife appointment demanding a stretch and sweep because I wanted this child to exit asap and was disappointed when that didnt happen (I cried again). At 39+1 weeks I asked again if I could have one, this midwife started applying her gloves and told me she had ‘magic hands’, well damn straight she did because I walked out with my legs feeling like jelly. I went about my usual day and went to bed disappointed that I had not gone into labour.

I woke up at roughly 6am with massive pains in my lower back, I didnt tell anyone and thought fuck this is it, Im in labour, this is how it feels. I was scared. My contractions then came every 5 minutes from the start and I called the birthing unit as my lower back was FUCKING KILLING ME! The midwife said to come in whenever I was ready as I could barely speak during a contraction she also said I would be meeting my baby today, I was still scared. I woke up my James and called my mother, I insisted that my partner went to work as I wanted to stick out most of it as home. So in about an hour my contractions had gone to about 3 minutes apart and I was rolling around on my bed like a mad women, my mum insisted that we go to the hospital but me being the stubborn bitch I am wanted to stay at home. Then about 20 minutes later my contractions were 2 minutes apart I could barely move and was already im agony so I screamed ‘im fucking ready let’s go’.

Upon arrival I was put in the family waiting room and was screaming my heart out, I was in full blown labour. I couldnt walk due to the contractions in my back (Reign was in the posterior postition), my legs were so weak. I was carried by my mum and a midwife into my room and the nurse suggested ‘water injections’. They stung like a bitch and I screamed like a bitch but it took the edge off for only about 30 minutes but they were the best 30 minutes of my labour. I was checked by a nurse and was only 3cm dialated. How the fuck was I only 3cm? My contractions were so close together and so fucking painful. James got there and joined myself in the shower work boots, clothes and all. God knows who suggested the shower because that was the shittest idea ever. I couldnt stand, I couldnt sit, I could barely speak so I switched up and laboured alot in bed with the gas. At one point the nurse put up the railings at the side of the bed because she was worried I’d throw myself off with my excorcism actions.

(Now please forgive me everything went super fuzzy after this)

My sister arrived at some point with McDonalds and tried offering me food. Are you high? Im trashing around like I’m having a seizure and my pain is legit a fucking 50 outta 10 and you wanna offer me fucking McDonalds, nar mate. My sister spoke to the nurses as I was at lunatic level at this stage and they moved me to the bath, what a great idea this was much better (the gas machine was on full ball, no complaints there). After labouring for a while in the bath I couldn’t shut my legs and had an immense amount of pressure, I had each foot on each end of the bath screamimg ‘I cant shut my legs’, I was begging for an epidural. At roughly 10.30am we got out and the nurse assessed me and said, ‘do you want the good or bad news?’, I have no idea what I responsed to be honest. She said ‘your 9cm dialated you cannot have a epidural and your waters are still intacted, as soon as they brake your contractions will be more intense and you will be ready to push. Do you want me to break them?’. I shook my head no. More intense? They cannot get more intense? I was scared of the pain to come, I wasnt letting her touch me and bring on the worst pain of my life I already wasnt coping. After a few contractions of letting no one touch me they needed to do somethng, I was told I could brake my waters on my own by pushing so thats excatly what I done and HOLY FUCKING SHIT IT LITERALLY SHOT OUT EVERYWHERE. Hit the nurse, the roof, the door it was liked something off a movie. So gross but so cool.

Just like that I was ready to start pushing at 11am. My contractions were literally ontop.of.each.other. I couldnt even get my breath back from the last one to the next one. It was without a doubt THE worst fucking pain I have ever felt. I was exhausted and begging for help asking them to take him out, literally begging, when the midwife hit the emergency buzzer and I had a team of midwives and doctors come in. Apparently the babies heart rate was dropping so they monitored me for 5-10 minutes and telling me to push harder. Push harder? Im pushing so hard Im about to fucking explode. Then they left, shortly after the midwife hit the emergency buzzer again and the team came in again, the babies heart rate had dropped even lower. The doctor told me it was time to get this baby out now and my legs were put into stirrups and they had to use a vaccuum extraction to remove him. They told me to push as they pulled and he was born. I didnt hear a cry, a peep and my heart stopped, I was waiting for my baby. Reign was taken and put on oxygen before he was given to me and my first words were ‘Im never fucking doing that again’.

That was the day Reign Michael South entered the world at 11.56am on the 3rd of September weight 3.55kg.

If you would like to follow my instagram its sleepdeprived_mother I dont post ALL the time but do update my story for sneak peaks on my daily life.

If you’d like to comment your birth story below, I love hearing others birth stories they are all so different.

Mumma out.



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